Voice Broadcasting Solution For Educational Industry

The education industry has changed its way of teaching and communicating. Whether it is a small school of a town or an international correspondence course, the educational institutes have started utilizing the latest trends, technologies and tools. This has improved the way the education industry operates. The voice broadcasting system is one of the solutions adopted by many educational institutes to take benefit of the VoIP technology. This article will share a few insights with the brief that how the voice broadcasting solution can benefit the education industry, its institutes and all related entities, including students, parents, teaching staff, management and other staff.

How it works?
Before getting into detail of the utilities, features and benefits of the voice broadcasting solution, it is important to understand how this solution work.

You can record a voice message in your voice or upload a recorded voice message. You can also use a text to speech converter, which will convert your written text into a voice message.
Once you upload a voice message, upload the contact numbers.
Create a campaign and follow a few simple steps with the required details.

You are done. You may also schedule the campaign, which will run automatically on predefined date and time.

As now, you are aware with the working model of the voice broadcasting solution, we can explore the utilities of this solution in brief.

Send personalized voice messages
You may improve the experience of the students and parents by sending personalized messages in the voice of their class teacher or principal. You may send the birthday greetings, good wishes for better rank and even morning quotes using the voice broadcasting solution.

Send Adhoc announcements
It can be possible that some emergency situation arose, due to which you need to send the quick message to all guardians. You also need to make sure each of them is reached. An SMS or email might get skipped or cannot be tracked that your message has been read by a guardian or not. Also, it is difficult to call each parent and send the announcement. In such situation, the voice broadcasting solution can be a big help for you. You just need to make a few clicks in the GUI based admin panel of the voice broadcasting solution and the message will be sent at the same time to all the guardians. You will also receive campaign and call log reports, which will give you details of which contacts could be reached and which could not.

Send Occasional announcement
Using this solution, you can send the announcement of upcoming exams, result announcement, parents’ meeting, etc. This solution also has an inbuilt IVR system, which can be used  to get the confirmation from the parent. For example, if there is a parent meeting, then the IVR can be used to get the confirmation from the parent for his availability and present in the meeting. There can be many as such utilization of this system.

Take Opinion
Many schools used to take the opinion of parents for introducing new rules or to see the feedback of them for setting policies. The voice broadcasting solution can be used to run a poll to take their opinion.

Author is working on promotional campaign of Asterisk solutions. One of the solutions offered are voice broadcasting software with custom features.

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Broadcast plays the Parish Room, Austin, TX, November 17th, 2005. Digital.


Breaking into Broadcasting Industry

Careers in broadcasting and films can be exciting and rewarding. The industry offers all sorts of job opportunities in technical, management and creative areas, along with a wide variety of supporting roles. Although the industry is fiercely competitive but there is no reason why one shouldn’t succeed, with thorough understanding of broadcasting industry, brilliant and creative ideas, excellent technical skills to carry out creative production.

How to Break into Broadcasting Industry?

A program in radio and television broadcasting can help you realize your dreams. There are a number of broadcasting schools in Canada that offer post-secondary programs in broadcasting and film. However, it is recommended that you make a thorough research before enrolling in a particular program. It is important to ensure that the program you choose sets you on the right career path and helps you fulfill all your specific career goals.

Centennial College’s three-year post-secondary film and radio broadcast program prepares you with the creative, technical and managerial skills that you will need for building careers in films, television and radio. You will be exposed to a variety of techniques and industry practices, while studying about the industry in-depth. The course combines classroom learning, hands-on training, portfolio development and a 15-week full-time industry field placement. The emphasis is on helping students develop a balance between the artistic and commercial aspects of the broadcasting industry.

What Will You Study?

The broadcasting and film program at Centennial College Toronto is a comprehensive as well as intensive program that covers all aspects of films, radio and television. It runs through six semesters, covering a wide range of subjects in the areas of photography, writing for media, camerawork and lighting, screenwriting, editing, documentary, radio production, story works, film making, tools and processes for communicators, radio production, TV studio, sound to picture design, and on-air promotions.

While gaining technical skills for creative production, you will also learn about workplace issues, history of broadcasting, film appreciation and analysis, and media business and entrepreneurship. The program also teaches you about broadcast career management.

Practical Hands-on

During the program, you will get opportunities to participate in student films and TV, journal and a student-produced news magazine TV show that airs live and online. You will also have access to digital HD equipments, systems and broadcast studios. The program also incorporates a 15-week industry field placement component, allowing you to put your learning into practice and gain hands-on experience working in a real life setting. This will give you an idea of how industry works and what employers expect from their workforce.

Career Options

As a program graduate, you will able to pursue your career with web production companies, corporate and commercial TV/Film production houses, production companies, feature and series film producers or radio and television stations, including specialty channels.

You may also consider studying further by applying your academic credits towards an articulated program with the associated universities, institutes and professional associations. This will help you upgrade your knowledge and skills and seek more advanced career options upon graduation.

Enrolment Guide

You can send your completed applications to the college, along with a copy of secondary school diploma certificate and scores in English Grade 12 C or university or equivalent. With this, you will need to complete a written test given to you by the college, and submit a portfolio of work and a resume that includes your media related experience and two letters of recommendation.

Jason White, the author of the article, discusses about how to break into broadcasting industry. He also writes about how Centennial College’s three-year post-secondary film and radio broadcasting program prepares students for diverse careers in the industry.

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Mr Wassim Chourbaji, Senior Director, Government Affairs, Qualcomm

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Broadcasting Solution Benefited Travel and Tourism Industry

As per the study, the ratio of traveling has been increased in a past decade by almost 67%. It means people are traveling more often than before. The reason behind this increased ratio of travelers could be many. To take a few examples, the businesses are dealing with the international clients so the key executives need to travel from one country to another. The business trip could also be from one state to another. If we see another scenario, due to stressful work life people used to travel to have some relaxation time. It can be a one day picnic or a mini holiday vacation at some exotic travel destination. This turned into the favor of travel and tourism business. The travel and tourism industry can gain maximum benefit because of this changing human need. However, the world is growing faster than before, so the old mechanisms of serving the customers would not be enough to stand in the fierce competition. Each travel agency or an agent has to integrate the advanced mechanisms and tools to serve the customers. They also need to stay in touch with them for customer relationship maintenance so they can ensure that each time he/ she travels, he/ she takes benefit of their service only.

The voice broadcasting solution is one of the tools which can be used by the travel and tourism industry to cater their customers in a better way. It will also work as a great customer relationship maintenance tool. The broadcasting solution allows sending a voice message by call broadcasting. You may record the voice message in your own voice to give it a personalized touch or you can also upload a recorded voice message file. The broadcasting solutions also provide the option of text to speech conversion, which means, you may write a text message which will be converted into an audio message. You may then send that message to your customers. The broadcasting solution can also be used to broadcast the text messages. The most advanced benefit of the broadcasting solution is that you can send a personalized message to each customer in a one go. It means you can send thousands of messages at a time and you don’t need to send it again and again.

The broadcasting solution also allows scheduling the messages which need to get broadcast. It means if you are managing a tour of 5 days and the schedule is fixed, you may schedule the common messages, which will automatically get broadcast on a time specified by you.  For example, if you have arranged a tour of 5 days and on the first day of the journey, at 9 AM all passengers need to be present at the cafeteria of the hotel for breakfast. Then you may schedule a voice broadcasting message which will be sent to each passenger. If at 10 AM bus will leave for first tourist point, so the passengers need to get congregated at the lobby of the hotel, then again the system will broadcast the scheduled message to each passenger. This will not only save your time of calling or telling each passenger individually, but will also create a better image of your tourism service.

Using the voice broadcasting solution, you may also greet the birthdays and festivals to your passenger or send them the promotional messages of your next tour. This way, you will be able to stay in touch with your customers and gain better customer response. This will contribute to the growth of your business.

Author is working on promotional campaign of Asterisk Solution Development Services. One of the offered solution is Voice Broadcasting Software.

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Broadcast plays the Parish Room, Austin, TX, November 17th, 2005. Digital.

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Voice Broadcasting For the Loan Modification Industry

Loan Modification consultants have a commodity that many Americans want and need today. Voice broadcasting is cutting edge technology for getting services and products in front of the specific people who can benefit from them.

With foreclosure rates at a record high many lenders are willing to adjust mortgage notes and are supplying lists of names to home retention consultants. Citigroup, Countrywide, JP Morgan, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are some of the lenders willing to negotiate notes for home and investment properties before a foreclosure occurs.

Voice broadcasting is the most effective and cost efficient tool home loan modification consultants have available to them. With the average cost of mailing campaigns being over 75 cents per item and 50% of all emails being challenged by spam filters robo calls at 2 to 5 cents per minute is the most economical way to reach the huge number of mortgage holders out there.

Known by many names voice broadcasting is a mass communication method that sends pre-recorded telephone messages to thousands of telephone numbers at one time. Specially configured computers called auto dialers dial phone numbers and leave messages requesting a call back. Vendors services report 90% of the massive number of telephone numbers dialed result in a message being left. Hundreds of phone calls can be made within an hour. The voice broadcasting auto-sensing technology has advanced to the point that it can determine if the call is picked up by a live person or an answering machine. A live person can be switched to a consultant immediately while the voice broadcasting message can be left on the answering machine.

Answering machine messages are generally listened to completely and only those contacts who are interested call the contact number left in the message. Some voice broadcasting systems even offer a ring less message capacity assuring the call will not irritate the recipient by interrupting their meal or social event. The message is heard the next time the intended contact checks their messages. Consultants and customers are removed from the adversarial cold call environment of the 1980’s style telemarketing.

The technology was developed in the 1990’s and has matured into a highly effective business-to-consumer message system often referred to as direct response marketing. Loan modification advertising dollars that previously went towards Internet pay per click ads and paper postcards are being redirected to voice broadcasting subscriptions each year. When voice broadcasting is used loan modification consultants take incoming calls from people that are interested in finding out more about loan modification options.

When these calls are combined with a targeted phone list of potential loan modification recipients this type of campaign can make for exciting results. The data used could be a list of homeowners with adjustable rate mortgages, mortgage late payments, or other mortgage targeted databases. And by exciting results I mean have each loan modification representative slammed with incoming calls, keeping them very busy and happy with their job.

Getting the most out of your loan modification voice broadcasting campaign can be challenging. When looking for a voice broadcasting company make sure to take your time and do your research to get the best deal.

Daniel Bernal is the VP of Marketing at Dynamic Interactive in Newport Beach, CA

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How to Break into the Canadian Film, Television and Radio Broadcasting Industry?

Centennial College’s three-year post-secondary program in broadcasting and film makes the right choice for you, if you:Are looking for basic minimum qualification that can help you seek an entry in broadcasting industry, without any industry connectionHave a creative mindset but require technical skills to build a rewarding career in television, radio or filmsWish to learn what goes into preparing, managing and carrying out the creative productionAlready have artistic talents and are looking to hone your skillsWish to understand the creative and commercial aspects of broadcasting industry, before actually trying to seek an entry to the industryNeed an exposure to a variety of broadcasting industry practices and playersWish to explore dynamic broadcasting industry and opportunities for creative expression and employment

The film, television and radio broadcasting program is a comprehensive and intensive program and covers a wide selection of courses. In first year, you will be introduced to media: theory, workplace and issues, imaging: photography, writing for media, camerawork, tools and processes for communicators, history of broadcasting, radio production, lighting, film appreciation and analysis and editing.

You learn about filmmaking, TV studio, screenwriting, integrated media, sound to picture design, storyworks and documentary and factual in second year while the focus is on on-air promotions, broadcast career management, media business and entrepreneurship and portfolio production in third year.

During the program, you will have access to digital HD studios, equipment and systems and will learn to use them. You will also participate in journals, student films and TV and a student-produced news magazine TV show that airs live and online.

In addition to this, you will also get an opportunity to gain hands-on experience through an industry field placement in sixth semester with Canada’s leading TV channels, web production companies, radio channels, magazines, film production houses, commercial TV production companies and picture studios for 15 weeks.

The aim of the program is to help you:Gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects(creative, technical and commercial) of broadcasting industryLearn how to use digital equipment and systemsHone your creative skills and acquire new competencies necessary for a sustainable career in broadcasting industryExplore diverse career paths in broadcasting industryCreate a professional portfolio of an advanced body of produced work

Why Centennial College?

There are numerous broadcasting schools in Canada but Centennial broadcasting and film program may be the best for you. This is because this particular program has a proven track record of training some of the country’s best writers, directors, producers, production crew members and studio executives for broadcasting and film industry.

Another reason is that the program offers a full-semester field placement through college-industry partnerships. It helps students gain real world experience along with relevant industry contacts, which are very helpful in seeking an entry to the industry. The college acts as a meeting platform for employers and broadcasting professionals.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to apply to this program, you will need secondary school diploma certificate, required minimum score in English Grade 12 C or University, or equivalent, a resume with two Letters of references and a portfolio demonstrating your ability to tell a story. You will also need to complete a broadcasting and film writing test.

The author of the article discusses how Centennial College’s three-year post-secondary television, film and radio broadcasting program prepares high school graduates for diverse careers in broadcasting industry.

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Getting ready to broadcast for TV St Patricks day. Lovely outfit.

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