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A voice transmission system is perfect for a wide range of lead generation solutions very lucrative. Voice broadcasting allows you to reach up to 10,000 people or more in 30 minutes or less for less than $ 200. Voice broadcasting has many applications, and it is cheaper than pay-per-click, direct mail or radio ads:

Voice broadcasting will make your guests feel like VIPs
Voice broadcasting can effectively build customer loyalty, offering customers sales information and discounts on products and services. Voice mail transmissions can be recorded by an owner, manager or even a celebrity to make customers feel like an important person took the time to call them!

Voice Broadcasting will get people to attend your event or convention
Voice broadcasting allows you to invite customers or distributors for your special events leaving messages, they will not forget. The invitation “personal” they receive via voice broadcasting greatly increase participation in any event. This is a great way to increase aid to distribution agreements for most MLM companies that have annual events like Shaklee, ITV Ventures, Xango, Zrii, Herbal Life, Ameriplan.

Voice Broadcasting supports effective direct mail campaigns
Voice broadcasting will tremendously increase your response rates to warn potential customers that they will be getting important information to you by mail within the next few days. Voice transmission to support direct mail has proven to double your email response rates! This works very well for people who use postcards. This will help you maximize your e-mail campaigns.

Voice broadcasting can drastically increase subscription renewals
Voice TV subscribers have proven to generate more than twice the national average subscription renewals Offer is no different than the direct mail offers. A large American magazines voice transmission circulation recently tested as a way to increase innovation magazine subscribers who had not responded to at least eight previous renewal applications.

Through voice, who achieved a response rate of 9.5 percent! And the offer was not different from previous live broadcasts, but the conversion rate was different … over 60% of the difference? Wow! This will be especially effective if used press 1 for technology transfer that person to a live representative that renewal takes directly and in real time.
Voice Broadcasting for political campaigns GoTV (Get to vote)

Do you remember getting a call from Hillary Clinton or Barack Oboma reminds you to get out and vote during the last campaign, Democratic presidential candidate? It was voice mail broadcasting at its best. With the race between Hillary and Barack be as close as it was, the voice broadcast message Hillary get voters to vote for it. And we all know (all too well) how close the results are right now. During the last election, when he was until the last minute was the outreach efforts vote the Republican Party a key factor in the victory of George W. Bush. Being able to deliver your message to the “people to people” with voice transmission was sufficient to achieve an impressive win over a tough opponent.

Broadcast voice of retail sales
When using a voice output to facilitate a sale in a store anniversary audio / video, the results were simply amazing. In previous years, used the shop a direct mail campaign as the only way to advertise their sales. This year, they decided to try voice broadcast to complement your direct mail campaign.

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Improve Event Promotion Processes Using Voice Broadcasting Software

When your businesses or organizations need to make oodles of important telephone calls on a regular basis, a voice broadcasting system comes in the picture. It indeed serves several benefits to its users. Voice broadcasting software like CosmoBS link computers and telephones via various components and software to send bulk voice/text messages to hundreds of people or groups within a short period of time. Some users shy away from an automated solution like voice broadcasting, but in reality such software or solution is a great helping hand for many businesses and community services.

For example, if you are running event promotions which basically need a setup through which thousands of calls or messages can be sent to people residing at remote places. Voice or SMS blasting thus helps reach to huge audiences in a jiffy! Voice broadcasting lends itself to various industries, including IT, entertainment and others. So, instead of spending huge amount of money on ineffective ads and otherwise simply expecting for the best outcomes on the day of event, utilize voice broadcasting to execute promotional efforts easier and faster.

Tracking the Ads:
If you want to ensure your efforts poured for ads promotions then voice broadcasting allows you to monitor marketing and advertising process. You can create real-time campaigns and group them according to the priority. Make adjustments as needed, also discard campaigns if they are not needed. Hence, you save huge amount of time and money.

Funds tracking:
So, have you ever thought of funds tracking with the help of voice broadcasting software like CosmoBS? If not then you should go beyond ads monitoring and utilize this software for funds tracking to analyze marketing process. Such system offers a holistic view of ads promotions and thus eliminates a need of huge amount of money. This allows users to spend money into marketing efforts that benefit! Most of the time, people get stuck-up on telemarketers before they get a chance to send bulk messages. Voice broadcasting is much less invasive than a “live” telemarketer and that is why people are now inclined to deploy voice broadcasting software even in entertainment sectors. SMS or audio messages are the fastest way to reach your audience.

Users can set up outreach campaigns and record incoming messages in a dashboard. There have been several advantages of voice broadcasting system, some of them are,

User-friendly and highly versatile
Helps add personal touch to the messages
Simple to utilize and maintain
Good choice to extend organizations’ reach
Send custom messages to each users
Voice Broadcast Is Anytime A Better Choice:
Indeed, it is as easy as sending out emails using a voice broadcast software like CosmoBS. An advanced voice broadcasting software carries below mentioned features which make broadcasting smoother and streamlined.

Auto redial
Call report notifications
User friendly interface
Answering machine detection
Detailed call reports (web based)
Import of contacts

Using this software, users can send personalized messages if their calls are not answered. Moreover, IVR scripts can be handled with the help of this software. You do not need any technical assistance or an agent to handle the calls at particular time. Planning big events is always an exigent task, so avoid roadblocks and stress by taking benefit of the right system like voice broadcasting.

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