Breaking into Broadcasting Industry

Careers in broadcasting and films can be exciting and rewarding. The industry offers all sorts of job opportunities in technical, management and creative areas, along with a wide variety of supporting roles. Although the industry is fiercely competitive but there is no reason why one shouldn’t succeed, with thorough understanding of broadcasting industry, brilliant and creative ideas, excellent technical skills to carry out creative production.

How to Break into Broadcasting Industry?

A program in radio and television broadcasting can help you realize your dreams. There are a number of broadcasting schools in Canada that offer post-secondary programs in broadcasting and film. However, it is recommended that you make a thorough research before enrolling in a particular program. It is important to ensure that the program you choose sets you on the right career path and helps you fulfill all your specific career goals.

Centennial College’s three-year post-secondary film and radio broadcast program prepares you with the creative, technical and managerial skills that you will need for building careers in films, television and radio. You will be exposed to a variety of techniques and industry practices, while studying about the industry in-depth. The course combines classroom learning, hands-on training, portfolio development and a 15-week full-time industry field placement. The emphasis is on helping students develop a balance between the artistic and commercial aspects of the broadcasting industry.

What Will You Study?

The broadcasting and film program at Centennial College Toronto is a comprehensive as well as intensive program that covers all aspects of films, radio and television. It runs through six semesters, covering a wide range of subjects in the areas of photography, writing for media, camerawork and lighting, screenwriting, editing, documentary, radio production, story works, film making, tools and processes for communicators, radio production, TV studio, sound to picture design, and on-air promotions.

While gaining technical skills for creative production, you will also learn about workplace issues, history of broadcasting, film appreciation and analysis, and media business and entrepreneurship. The program also teaches you about broadcast career management.

Practical Hands-on

During the program, you will get opportunities to participate in student films and TV, journal and a student-produced news magazine TV show that airs live and online. You will also have access to digital HD equipments, systems and broadcast studios. The program also incorporates a 15-week industry field placement component, allowing you to put your learning into practice and gain hands-on experience working in a real life setting. This will give you an idea of how industry works and what employers expect from their workforce.

Career Options

As a program graduate, you will able to pursue your career with web production companies, corporate and commercial TV/Film production houses, production companies, feature and series film producers or radio and television stations, including specialty channels.

You may also consider studying further by applying your academic credits towards an articulated program with the associated universities, institutes and professional associations. This will help you upgrade your knowledge and skills and seek more advanced career options upon graduation.

Enrolment Guide

You can send your completed applications to the college, along with a copy of secondary school diploma certificate and scores in English Grade 12 C or university or equivalent. With this, you will need to complete a written test given to you by the college, and submit a portfolio of work and a resume that includes your media related experience and two letters of recommendation.

Jason White, the author of the article, discusses about how to break into broadcasting industry. He also writes about how Centennial College’s three-year post-secondary film and radio broadcasting program prepares students for diverse careers in the industry.

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Mr Wassim Chourbaji, Senior Director, Government Affairs, Qualcomm

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Voice Broadcasting – A Mass media communication

Voice Broadcasting is a mass-media communication, with which we can convey information like phone number message to the population at the same time by some telephone components. Voice Broadcasting was introduced in 1990. Users of this Voice Broadcasting can be a member, employees, customers and even authorities. It is called a reverse 911 when used by government agencies for emergencies. It has a system that can manage the digital recorded telephone messages and the collection of telephone lists.

Voice Broadcasting is a great feature in which we integrate text-to-speech software to personal information contained in the cell phone messages. It has to achieve some features such as some message for answering machine, press functions such as 1 for subscribing to 2 for you, etc. to record the user message in the web interface to upload wav file, leave the support of different field names, web call based reporting and the ability to download results of the customer to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for later analysis.

Voice Broadcasting companies offer political campaign calls, automated dialing, predictive dialing and international dialing services. Among these services, political campaign calls must be carefully scripted and delivered. Automatic selection is also known as robo call and it is used to convey information to a number of people in a limited time. As the name suggests, the international prefix services offer customers to make an international call around the world quickly and easily.

Many companies in the world offer broadcasting programs. Voice Shot is a user-friendly application that offer call center services. Every businessman can afford this service to run the business successfully. Downloading, capturing, storing calls and messages are some of the most important features in Video Broadcasting. Most companies give introductory offer certain number of phone calls for free.

To take advantage of this offer, the company will ask the customer to fill out the online application form, which asks to be transmitted for some basic and general information. Some free trail versions are also available, and we can make use of it to know about the operation before buying to get some knowledge about it.
Robo calls and voice broadcasting are the ways of communication to build a reporting service which primarily used for business purposes.

In the U.S., many politicians are using robo call services. In this way, many people take advantage of the use of radio dialers in the world. Of course everyone needs to listen to the live voice and not the voice response or pre-recorded voice message from the machine. Recognize the voice broadcasting vendor to determine whether the particular voice alive or not.

Therefore, the voice broadcasting is excellent tool for home based business, direct sales and network marketing business.

If you are looking for voice broadcasting solutions to the possibility of some predictive dialer software to look at your company.

If you are looking for voice broadcasting software solutions to the possibility of some cloud predictive dialer software will look at your company.

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Voice Broadcasting For Selling Auto Warranties From a Call Center

Timing is everything in the auto warranty business. Constantly contacting a targeted group of people in a short period of time is what voice broadcasting was created for. Thousands of potential clients can be contacted each day. The biggest challenge when using robo calls can be keeping it supplied with call lists targeted for your market.

Between high postal rates and the minimal number of leads generated by direct mail marketing, those offering auto warranties have mostly abandoned that method of marketing. The Internet lists over millions of auto warranty sites for potential buyers to wade through. An Internet presence is needed to add credibility to your products and business but in a field that is crowded depending on a ‘click-in’ business is a pretty big gamble. Voice broadcasting is a mass communication tool that can provide auto warranty salespeople, an affordable and effective way to build name and product familiarity quickly.

The cost of voice broadcasting is based on which service provider is used, which package is chosen and what options are selected, but generally speaking, voice broadcasting runs between 2 and 9 cents per minute. How many contacts are made in a minute depends on how long the audio message is and how many people answer the phone and listen in. Most messages left on recorders last less than thirty seconds so for each dedicated line, 1-2 calls per minute can be completed. Completed calls are important because that is the most common factor used for computing a bill. A voice broadcasting completed call is a telephone number that was dialed, it was answered, the recorded message was played and then the call was ended. Studies have revealed that messages left on answering machines actually have a better likelihood of being listened from beginning to the end. This turns what used to be considered a negative in the marketing world, to a positive.

Another positive is that the message stays consistently up beat. After several hours of calling a human being has a very difficult time projecting a high level of positive energy over the telephone line. Using robo calls you record the message once and it is as clear and strong after it is played the hundredth or even thousandth time.

The most rewarding aspect of voice broadcasting is the fact that when people call you as a result of hearing your message they are interested in an auto warranty. They have pre-qualified themselves as a true sales prospect. In sales you have to kick a lot of tires before you find a buyer, it is a game of numbers that robo calls can play in your favor.

Getting the most out of your auto warranty voice broadcasting can be challenging but there are many companies that can help. When looking for a voice broadcasting company make sure to take your time and do your research.

Daniel Bernal is the VP of Marketing at Dynamic Interactive in Newport Beach, CA

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*Note: The set of news reported was old and not updated (October 2012 Radio Broadcasting and Scriptwriting Contest Regional Level piece)

The first two videos uploaded and posted a year ago were preparation for the National Schools Press Conference held at Ormoc City, April 7-12. Matapos ang aming pagsasanay at paghahanda, hindi kami nabigong maiuwi ang korona m/

2nd Best News Presenter- Rayne Aggabao
1st Best Infomercial
1st Best Script
1st Best Radio Production (Over-all Champion)

We would like to recognize the presence of Rhea Ayapana, Carlo Manansala and Michelle Managbanag in this video. Thank you, guys! 🙂

*Ang news presenter po sa video na ito ay si Rhea Ayapana (Reyes) dahil umuwi na po si Rayne Aggabao nang gawin namin ang video na ito..
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Voice Broadcasting Software can give you more Leads

There are many ways that voice broadcasting can be beneficial for your company. Business owners today are very aware of the changing trends in the world of marketing and promotion. With the advances in internet technology is moving forward at lightning fast speeds. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding new ways to market your business efficiently. In addition, having voice broadcasting services for your company may be one of the most efficient ways to market your business, while saving time and money. Possible for your company to expand and see the benefits you get sick.

There are several aspects to voice broadcasting that your company can benefit from. Designing a personal message for your phone system to inform clients and potential clients of your company and services offered by your company just beginning. The system can also be used to inform callers of operational hours, as well as provide directions to the location of your company and specials that your company may offer. Have a voice broadcasting service take care of the customer service you need to you can help limit the amount of extra expenses you might otherwise have to hire staff to perform customer service duties.

This service also can perform many other functions, too. For example, one of the most popular features is the automatic telephone dialing system. This system allows you to prerecord message and have that message broadcast to as many people as you want. This feature works on the basic concept of calling multiple phone numbers at the same time and plays the recording that answered the phone. This system is the best way for you to move your company forward with a positive and efficient manner. Realize all the benefits of voice broadcasting will not only save time, but also will save you money.

This is one of the most popular services used by the company. This helps ensure that your company information delivered quickly and efficiently. It also allows your employees to worry less about taking phone calls, giving them time to take an important meeting, while also enabling them to re-call them answered when they become free to do so.

The system will answer your phone, providing relevant information such as programmable, and allows you to send out-bound voice message regarding new services that your business can offer, or special offers that the company you are experiencing. It can direct callers to your business web site, as well. Has everything you need to move your company ahead of the competition as easily have a voice broadcasting service to work for you and your business. proud to offer quality voice broadcasting services for all types of organizations and businesses. If you are looking for a reliable Broadcasting Service voice with a great reputation and service that you can rely on, then look no further. is the answer to all your needs Voice Broadcasting.

For more information about how Voice Broadcasting Software solutions and Hosted IVR may work for your small business, visit the

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The panel opens the floor for questions from the audience

Programas mensais apresentados por membros do Corpo Governante das Testemunhas de Jeová e por ajudantes de suas comissões.

Advantages Of Fax Or SMS Broadcasting

Online communication system has gradually switched every other alternate as it is most prompt and most affordable source for better result driven services. iConnects system is online communication systems that enables the voice mails, text to speech, SMS broadcasting, fax broadcasting, message delivery system to all your potential clientele.
Communication is a key source for building lasting effective relationship between business and clients. And for higher returns it is highly essential to maximize client retention and satisfaction. More the services are prompt and cost optimized more actively people will approach your services. There are wide ranging advantages comprised with fax broadcasting or SMS broadcasting services.
Let’s have a glance on some of the key advantages of online communication system iConnects for fax broadcasting and SMS broadcasting services:
Better communication services offer flexible time management
Text to speech facility and cancelled appointment filler makes a great help in making best and effective use of working hours and helpful in generating better productive results
Prompt message delivery system saves time
Phone line and long distant calling services
Technologically advanced, prompt and effective
Flawless system for Communication with iConnects
Most promising online and most effective services to strengthen online communication system
Remarkable cost saving
24*7 active monitoring across 8 parameters
Fully-integrated back-office environment
Complete upstream and downstream redundancy
On-net calls, inter-branch calling, local, national, international and fixed to mobile calls…and much more
Varied more services are offered for providing utmost benefits to clients and seek maximum benefits all through with advanced technology Communication services. iConnects is most recent technology which has overcome all communication barriers and offered a huge platform for effective service benefits with online communication system. Installation of effective system is highly essential as time and cost both are most important factor for business and managing it timely is tough without all technologically updates resources and applications. Strengthen you communication channels with iConnects message delivery system and online communication system.
Online service enables rich quality services and lead service providers which offer you most innovative and unique techniques which on procurement can offer you complete service benefit and flawless assistance of unique matchless service for your business. Online available for hiring best and experienced legitimate service providers for application of online communication system for your business and make the best services available for you.
Also the fact that appointment filler is an amazing service as manually with in-house employee after booking an appointment and its cancellation prompt adjustment becomes hard to be done. Resulting all this in waste of time better apply better services and tools for cancelled appointment filer which will save lots of your time which you can invest in better productive tasks for future better plans and let the work move smoother than before. With cancelled appointment filler and SMS broadcasting you need not to worry of certain tasks that demands communication as that all will be handled well with online communication system in most effective manner at comparatively very less cost. Most lucrative service benefit package meeting all business needs is worth Value for Money.

TeleCorp is a worlds leading company which provides you best Fax or SMS broadcasting to enable online communication system for your business. We provides appointment filler, e-mail broadcasting, SMS broadcasting, Fax broadcasting, text to speech & much more.

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